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    ¡A hue •vo! PRON. ah-way-voh. TR. to egg!.  Means "of course!", "for sure!" or also can mean "against someone's will". Ie. ¿Quieres pastel?​ A huevo! (do you want cake? for sure!). Ie. Me llevaron a huevo (they took me against my will).

    ¡A la ver •ga! PRON. ah-lah-ver-gah.  TR. To the dick!. Means "dang!", "fuck!" or "shit!". Ie. ¡A la verga! me robaron mis tennis (dang! they stole my sneakers).

    ¡Ay ca •brón! PRON. ay-kah-brone.  TR. Oh big goat!. Means "dang!", "fuck!" or "shit!". Ie. ¡Ay cabón! me robaron mis tennis (dang! they stole my sneakers).
    ¡A•guas! expression PRON. ah-goo-ahs TR. Waters!. Means “careful”, ”watch out!” or “heads up” Ie. Aguas con los carros (watch out for the cars).


    Ba•bo•so noun PRON. bah-boh-soh. TR. Slimey or drooling Means “idiot”, ”dumbass”. Ie. Deja de chingar pinche baboso (stop messing around you fucking dumbass).

    Bue•na on•da noun PRON. boo-ay-nah-ondah. TR. Good wave! Means “cool”, ”(to be) nice”. Ie. Mi profe es bien buena onda (my teacher is really nice).


    Ca•brón noun PRON. Kah-brone TR. Big goat. Means “badass”, "difficult” or “asshole” Ie. Aguas con ese vato porque es bien cabron (careful with that dude because he's a real badass)

    Ca•bro•na adjective PRON. Kha-bro-nah TR.“big female goat” Means something similar to the english term “bitch”, depending on the context, can beused to describe a saavy, mean, or tough woman Ie. Rousey got beat really bad by Nuñez whos’s a real cabrona. Ie. Listen cabrona, stay away from my man

    Ca•chon•do / Ca•chon•da noun PRON. Kah-choan-do / Kah-choan-da. TR. (sexualy) aroused Means “horny”, ”hot” or “sexy”. Ie. Esa pelicula está bien cachonda (that movie is really sexy). Ie. Ando bien cachondo (I’m feeling really horny).

    Cha•fa noun PRON. Chah-fah TR. N/A Means “cheap”, “tacky”, ”lame” or “poor quality” Ie. Fuímos a un hotel super chafa (we went to a really cheap hotel)

    Chin•gar verb PRON. Cheen-ghar TR. N/A Means “mess around”, “mess up”, ”fuck” Ie. Me quieren chingar (they want to fuck me up)

    Cu•lo noun PRON. Cooh-low TR. (anus or asshole) Means “ass”, ”asshole” Ie. Que buen culo tiene esa chava (what a great ass that chick has)

    Chan•cla noun PRON. chan-clah TR. Flip flop Meaning: Also known as mom’s most infamous, flying disciplinary weapon Ie. Woah! Mom almost got me with la chancla Ie. Stop it now, or you're getting la chancla!

    Cha•po noun / adjective PRON. chah-poe TR. Shorty Meaning: An endearing term that refers to somebody of modest stature, the english equivalent of “shorty”.  “Chapo” is also the notorious escapist and leader of the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel Joaquín “chapo” Guzman Loera Ie. ¿Dónde está el chapo? (Where is el chapo)

    Che•la noun PRON. chay-lah TR. Beer, brew, brewsky Means beer. Ie. Pásame una chela bien fria (pass me a real cold brewsky) Ie. Una chela pa’ la cruda (a brew for the hang over)

    Ches•co noun PRON. chess-coe TR. pop (as in soda-pop) Meaning: Used to refer to a soda pop. It is customary in many neighborhood convenience stores in Mexico to serve sodas in a plastic bag with a straw as to not loose the glass bottle or the deposit on the bottle. Ie. Jálate por unos chescos (go grab some sodas) ADVANCED LEVEL USE: Bájate por los chescos (TR. Go down for the sodas / MEANS: Perform fellatio on me)

    Chi•do adjective PRON. she-doe TR. N/A Means “cool”. One of the most popular Mexican slang terms, equivalent of the American slang word “cool”. Ie. Ese carro está bien chido (That car is really cool)

    Chin•ga•dera noun PRON. sheen-gah-day-rah TR.Thing Meaning: A wonderfully expletive and popular word for "thing”. Used by car-mechanics and moms alike Ie. ¿Ya terminaste de jugar con esa chingadera? (Are you done playing with that thing?) Ie. ¡No puedo hacer que funcione la chingadera! (I can't get the thing to work!)

    Cho•lo noun PRON. chow-low TR. Gangster, tough guy, lowlife Meaning: A term to refer to a Hispanic gang member or to a gang life style trend such as a way of dressing Ie. No quiero que te juntes con ese cholo (I don’t want you hanging out with that  lowlife) Ie. Han se ha estado vistiendo como cholo ultimamente (Han has been dressing gangster style lately)


    ¡Dá•le! expression PRON. Dah-ley TR. Hit it. Means “hit it!”, ”go!” Ie. ¡Dále mas rápido! (Go faster!)

    Des•ma•dre noun PRON. Dez-mah-dray TR.un-mother Means “a mess”, “party”, ”crazy” Ie. El concierto fué un desmadre (the concert was crazy)


    ¡Es•toy bien cru•do! expression PRON. Es-toy bee-ehn crew-doh TR. I’m really raw” Means “hung over” Ie. Estoy bien crudo (I’m really hung over) 


    los bu•kis noun / music band PRON. lows boo-keys TR. the kids Meaning: The term “bukis” is used to refer to “kids” in the south of Mexico. Los Bukis is also a popular, iconic Mexican music band from the 1970s lead by singer and dreamy heart-throb Marco Antonio Solis


    na•co noun PRON. naw-co TR. A term similar to “white trash” or “hillbilly” in the US Meaning: A pejorative term used in Mexico to describe somebody who is classless or tacky Ie. Ay Dios! por favor, no seas tan naco (OMG… please don’t be so tacky) Ie. ¿Viste a ese naco vestido de Versace? (Did you see that hillbilly wearing Versace?)


    pan dul•ce noun PRON. pahn dool-say TR. Sweet bread Meaning: Refers to traditional Mexican style baked goods


    se•lec•ción in•ter•ga•lác•ti•ca noun PRON. say-lex-yoan in-ter-ga-lac-tee-caw TR. intergalactic selection Meaning: the Mexican national soccer team is “selección Mexicana” (Mexican selection) this expression is the juxtaposition of both Star Wars and Soccer